1943 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1943

This year Meg’s first love affair is over, her father Leslie dies suddenly, and she continues to work as an Army doctor in Yorkshire.

1942 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1942

This year there are lots of diary entries. Meg leaves Queen Mary’s Hospital Carshalton to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, and becomes romantically involved with two married men!

1941 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1941

by Margaret Taylor, age 26-27 years January – November 1941 Meg qualifies as a Doctor, and starts her first job as House Surgeon at Queen Mary’s Hospital for children, Carshalton. This is still in the era before the N.H.S. was formed in 1948. Later she gets promoted to A.M.O. She shares her assessments of colleagues, […]