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"Winter always leads to Spring".

Covid-19 has been a difficult time for many. For me, it has been a time of opportunity. I am lucky that I live with Wendy, and we were both locked down together at home, so we could support each other. The situation was not very different from normal life, because we are both retired and so used to spending most of our time at home.

The main challenge was not being able to travel, and we had to cancel many planned cruises and other holidays. However, this meant that there was more time to get on with projects which had been shelved and learn new skills or develop old interests.

One example is this website. I had created a very basic site in 2013, after my mother's funeral. In helping my daughter, Liz, develop and maintain her business website which supports her Osteomyopathy practice, I needed to learn about WordPress. To help the learning process, I also decided to install a local web server to test things out on my home PC, so I had to become familiar with MySQL databases, PHP coding, Javascript and many other skills I had heard about in my IT career when I used to work in Technical Support, but had not had practical experience of.

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