1938 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1938

by Margaret Taylor, age 24 years February to October, 1938 Meg continues as a student doctor, experiencing Casualty, Children’s wards, and Midwifery at the London School of Medicine. back to the top… Monday, February 7th, 1938 Now that I have re-read my last entry after the steadying interval of a couple of months, I would […]

1936 Meg poem

For Mr Joll

Five thousand incisions of necklace type…

1937 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1937

by Margaret Taylor, age 23 years September to December, 1937 Meg continues as a student doctor at Medical College in London. Tuesday Jan 19th 1937- a bout of ‘flu, Alan’s 21st and engagement Saturday, May 1st 1937 – on friendship, Jane Eyre, integrity Monday, August 16th 1937 – holidays, friendship and marriage, Junior Surgery Friday, […]

1936 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1936

by Margaret Taylor, age 22 years September to December, 1936 Meg continues her diary after a three year gap. She is now attending Medical College in London. The year of the three Kings. Sunday September 13th 1936 – starting at Medical School, holidays Monday September 14th 1936 – Jim’s climb, beach rescue Monday September 21st […]

1933 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1933

by Margaret Taylor, age 18 years Covers March to November, 1933 Meg is expecting to be in her last year at Clifton High, until she is offered a bursary to stay another year. Important exams for Higher Certificate. Many friends and a favourite teacher leave in July at the end of the year. Beginning to […]

1932 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1932

by Margaret Taylor, age 17 years Covers January to December, 1932 There are fewer diary entries this year. Meg is in her penultimate year at Clifton High. She enjoyed trips over the summer holidays, and is still agonising over whether she is a good enough person, and her shyness at social functions. On armistice day, […]


Now working on Meg’s Diaries

All Meg’s poems have been added to the new site now…. I am starting to add the diaries. So far her first three years are done: 1929, 1930 and 1931. Read here…. Meg’s Diaries

1931 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1931

by Margaret Taylor, age 16 years Covers January 1931 to December 5th, 1931 Meg is still at Clifton High. Takes her school Certificate exams.Agonises over her religious calling as a missionary Thursday, January 1st 1931 Thursday, January 6th 1931 Sunday Feb 1st 1931 Wednesday March 4th 1931 Sunday March 22nd 1931 Easter Sunday April 5th […]

1930 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1930

by Margaret Taylor, age 15 years Covers April 17th 1930 to Saturday, November 25th, 1933 Thursday, April 17th 1930 Friday, April 18th (Good Friday) 1930 Saturday April 19th, 1930 Sunday, April 20th (Easter Sunday) Thursday, April 24th, 1930 Saturday, May 3rd, 1930 Monday, August 11th 1930 Wednesday, August 20th 1930 Friday, August 22nd 1930  (Seafield […]

1929 diary Meg

Meg’s Diary 1929

PRIVATEDIARY Margaret Taylor, 12 Osborne Rd, Clifton, Bristol Age 14 years Begun Friday, July 20th 1929 Finished Saturday, November 25th, 1933 Friday 26th July 1929 Saturday, July 27th 1929 Wednesday, July 31st 1929 Monday, August 5th Bank Holiday 1929 Saturday August 10th 1929 Thursday, August 15th 1929 Monday, August 19th 1929 Sunday, September 8th, 1929 […]