1943 Meg poem

The Thyrotoxic Lady

The lady sitting over there…

The Thyrotoxic Lady (1943)

The lady sitting over there
(with proptosed and unwinking stare)
Is thyrotoxic. It's not hot
But note that she perspires a lot;
And if you chanced upon the sly
To knock her knee as you went by
(I recommend you take the risk)
You'ld find her knee-jerks rather brisk.

If you sat next to her, and dared
To take her hand you'ld think her scared
For 'twould be trembling; her pulse rate
Might rise to dizzy heights; a state
Of palpitations in the chest
Would come upon her if you pressed
Her fingers - be not over-bold
Her feelings cannot be controlled.

In fact it is because her nerves
Are so on edge that all the curves
Of female form have worn away
And left her thin and far from gay.

Though she (it cannot be denied)
Eats like a horse, something inside
Must take all value from her food,
It never does her any good.
(Only her neck's circumference
Enlarges fast at her expense).
All told, the thyrotoxic state
Is one, I fancy, she must hate.

Published in "The Lancet" 1943 (received £5 !)

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